Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cara Kerja Sistem Pengapian Platina

Sistem Pengapian Platina

Ignition systems of modern cars not from the technological developments on the car ignition alias get jadul still connect with platinum as a contact plate and remove the current for an induction coil primary / secondary EMF in the form of high-voltage power supply to spark scatter.

Platinum contact plate of a vehicle that connect as a liaison and circuit breakers that by Ebonite ft / platinum and control by NOK Delco (dealer) is used, if not driven even by foot from the roof terrace Delco ebon the contact plate is also the primary electric current flowing to ground and the coil produces a magnetic field connected to the primary coil and on the roof touching Delco / thrust ebonite primrose platinum coil was interrupted, if the basic electric coil is then separated EMF / high voltage in the secondary induction coil, which kondesor / capacitor connected in parallel with a large platinum will help to improve the installation and eliminates Sparks, while platinum began to open / separated, making it one of the platinum-plate contact is not capable of burning and long term.

Large / long time to connect the platinum surface is determined by the width of an average U.S. Delco / flat as the dwell angle, which affects the angle / time when the power grid connected to the main platinum coil. Platinum is the space we know that the meeting was a small angle, and lived with its opposite.


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